credits : Andrew Miller - https://www.awesomephotography.ca/


The Effigy burn is on Saturday at sundown.

The Temple is an intentional space of co-creation. A team of volunteers has built a monument to serve as an open canvas for our appeasement and collective release. During the event L’OsstidBurners can write messages, leave mementos, spend quiet time, engage in ceremony or whatever it is that has significance for them to commemorate things they would like to let go of. If that’s not your thing, that’s fine. Please respect this space and the personal and important items inside. If you stay until the very end of the event, you’ll have the privilege of experiencing the Temple Burn, where we as a community observe the transformative act of burning away all we are ready to leave behind. The Temple burn is on Sunday at sundown.

If you want to take part in the Effigy or Temple Burn perimeter, please sign up on the volunteering platform:


  • If there’s a fire ban during the event, there will be no Burn. The Effigy and Temple are collective works. If you want to participate, head over to the Playa during the week to help the teams build these structures.


All flame effects must be pre-registered prior to the event. It must also be inspected and approved before activation by the FAST (Fire Art Safety Team).



Fire art and fire performances are more than welcome during the Conclave, which will happen right before the Effigy burn. If you wish to participate, please contact us.

A mandatory meeting for all Conclave participants will take place in the afternoon (3pm-5pm) before the Burn for a security class to make sure everyone is covered by our insurance. They will then meet again 1 hour before the show. A security team will be present during the entire fire ceremony. The L’OsstidBurn Organization will provide all the necessary security equipment.

To avoid fire spread, do not perform fire performance outside this safe zone.


Except for Conclave, there will be no fire jam area during the 2024 edition because we could not get any insurance for that. If you wish to create and manage your own fire jam area and you have the necessary insurance, please contact us: