No tickets will be available on site!

  • Make sure you and everyone in your vehicle have your tickets.

  • All participants must have a ticket in their name to access the event.

  • You must have a photo ID with the same name and birth date that you provided when you purchased your ticket. Our gate team will need to identify you in order to let you into the site.

  • If your chosen name differs from your legal name, inform our volunteers at the entrance so that they know how to address you correctly. For instance you can put a post-it on your ID with your chosen name.

  • Participants under 18 will be given a different-coloured wristband so they won’t be served alcohol.


Anyone who attempts to enter without a ticket will be expelled immediately and banned from future L’OsstidBurn events.

Carrying stowaways or helping people sneak in is as serious as sneaking in yourself. All passengers in a vehicle carrying stowaways will be prohibited entry without reimbursement of tickets.

Be respectful of the organizers. They are volunteers for the event, just like you are.


The final meters of the road leading to the entrance to the L’OsstidBurn site are quite rough. Drive very slowly.

Since the trail to the camping sites is quite rugged, only 4x4 vehicles with at least 12 inches of ground clearance will be allowed access.

IMPORTANT: If the owner and/or the DPW consider the trail to be impassable (muddy due to weather conditions), a shuttle system (trailers) will be set up only for artworks and placed camps, in accordance with the planned schedule.


Wednesday: 10AM to 7PM (Early Arrivals only)
Thursday: 9AM to 7PM vehicles
Friday: No vehicles
Saturday: No vehicles
Sunday: No vehicles
Monday: 9AM to 2PM


When you arrive at the L’OsstidBurn site, you must leave your vehicle in the parking lot and transport all your personal belongings by your own means. The trails are impassable for any standard road vehicle.

It’s about a 15-minute walk from one end of the site to the other along the trail – come prepared!

Bring hand trucks, wagons, ropes, etc. to transport your equipment. Parking is about 800m from the camping area.

The L’OsstidBurn site has a limited capacity to accommodate cars. The parking team works miracles every year to guide you when you arrive.

If you drive to l’OsstidBurn, IT IS MANDATORY to have a parking pass (car or RV). You need one parking pass for each vehicle.

To obtain a parking pass, or a ticket for the Osstidburn bus, please go to :

Do you have free space in your car? We suggest carpooling. It’s good for the environment and it reduces the number of cars in the site. Click on the l’OsstidBurn 2024 carpool link to set up a carpool.